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Membership of the BRS entitles you to discounts on a range of insurance schemes. It is not our policy to recommend a single supplier but to give you choice and provide you with a list of organisations that will enable you to make a fair comparison.


A well respected insurance Company with a 20% discount on house insurance for BRS members is Dagli Sigorta. Contact is Trevor Hughes on 0533-8443403                  

Another business providing property cover is Esta Insurance. The contact is Huseyin and his number is 0533-8518746

A recent newcomer is Credit West bank that provides BRS members with a 30% discount in the first year only if they become new customers.

Travel Insurance

Esta Insurance provides 'short term' insurance for a week, fortnight or month, ideal for those trips back to the UK. Contact is Huseyin 0533-8518746.  Esta are the agents for Staysure. Policies are available to all UK Passport holders as long as they have lived in TRNC for 6 of the last 12 months and are registered with a doctor.


Motor Insurance

Motor insurance can be obtained from various companies and is extremely competitive.