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Deaths - Who to contact


                                    P.O. Box 168, Girne, Mersin 10, Turkey

Chairman: Mr. E.H. Fellows MBE        Tel: 0392 825 2443 or 0542-852-0236

Deputy Chairman : Mrs. C. A. Penney     Tel: 0533 845 3495 

In the event of a death in North Cyprus of a family member or a friend, would you know what to do?

The members of the British Cemetery Committee are here to help you at a very stressful time. We are most grateful to the BRS for helping us to ensure that information and guidance is readily available for those dealing with the death of someone close. More comprehensive guidance is provided on the guidelines that you will find on the BRS website and in the welcome pack for new BRS members.

There are no Undertakers or Funeral Directors in the TRNC and as this is a Muslim country there is no Crematorium. In the event of the death of a British Passport holder or their spouse or partner, contact should be made immediately with a member of the British Cemetery Committee who will be able to provide help and advice regarding official requirements and will be able to make funeral arrangements. Contact details for all members of the committee are on the BCC website. Initially we recommend that you contact our Chairman Harry Fellows (0392 825 2443 0r 0542 852 0236). 

The Green Hill Cemetery (to the south of the bypass above the Girne American University) is open to all British passport holders, or their spouses, of whatever denomination, and services can be held by Chaplain, Pastor or Priest. A Humanist Service can also be organised. Those of the Jewish faith are advised to contact their Rabbi.

The Committee will provide a coffin, transport of the coffin from the Mortuary, a grave site, metal surround and a plaque giving the name of the deceased, their date of death and plot number. It will backfill the grave and carry out basic maintenance of the Cemetery. The donation required by the Committee includes all costs, with the exception of an autopsy fee (should it be necessary) and the Chaplain’s fee, which are a matter for the next of kin.

The next of kin of tourists are advised to check their relative/friend’s travel documents, as most travel insurance offers free repatriation. The Committee can advise on repatriation.

As weather conditions make it difficult to dig graves during most of the year, the Committee keeps several graves dug and will always use graves in sequence. 

The British Cemetery Committee is a voluntary organisation and donations are always welcome. If you would like to help us practically in our work we would be very pleased to hear from you. We welcome offers of help in the cemeteries for which we are responsible and sometimes in the preparation of funerals. Vacancies for membership of the committee, too, arise from time to time.