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Health Insurance (Aug 17)

Health Insurance for routine treatment in the TRNC is extremely difficult to obtain for those over the age of 70, resulting in expats that can afford the premiums,  typically taking out cover from a UK company.

The TRNC government has also talked about introducing an "affordable" insurance scheme for locals and expats alike, but this is probably not going to happen anytime soon.

In recent years, a new emergency stability health insurance policy has become available from a couple of local insurance companies.

This type of policy is available from other providers but, we offer as an example, information provided  by Azant Insurance whose policies provide cover for the following emergency situations

· Traffic Accident                                      · Heart Attack & Arrhythmias

· Hypertension Crisis                                 · Acute Respiratory Problems

· Life Threatening Injury or Fall                  · Life Threatening Occupational Accident

· Limb Dismemberment                             · Electric Shock

· Freezing, Frostbite                                  · Burns, Heat Stroke

· Traumatic Eye Burning                            · Choking & Anaphylactic Conditions

· Life Threatening Poisoning                       · Bone Breaks or Fractures

· Lower Extremity Dislocations                   · Conditions Causing Loss of  Consciousness

· Sudden Paralyses                                   · Diabetic or Uraemic Coma

· Acute Massive Bleeding                           · Meningitis, Encephalitis

· Fever above 39°C                                   · Foreign Object in the Respiratory Tract

· Severe Eclampsia                                   . Acute Abdominal Conditions

The policy also includes a free physio appointment, one dental check-up and clean, one set of blood tests and one dietician visit at selected clinics.

Cover Available:  Bronze Cover TL 10,000; Silver Cover TL 25,000; Gold Cover TL 50,000.  Annual premiums by age range are detailed below:



 Age  Bronze Cover  Silver Cover Gold Cover
 2-9  200TL  350TL 500TL
 10-49  150TL  250TL 380TL
 50-59  225TL  350TL 490TL
 60-69  275TL  425TL 550TL


Azant are hopeful that they will be able to add a new age category of 70-75 in the near future.   For further details you should contact Anthony McCartney on 0533 833 0841 or by email at: anthonymccartney@azantinsurance.com